count Antonio Caudullo dei Cutelli

Antonio Caudullo is a noble Sicilian count, where his roots lead him deep into his regions history. Decendent from Mario Cutelli, where the institution of Convitto Cutelli was attributed with his name.
Grandson to Gaetano Mazzaglia Cutelli, whom was the first and teaching voice of cartoon animations for Walt Disney and Looney Tunes.
Having travelled extensively around the world, he became attracted to the world and nature of things, where he started his business' in the natural medicine sector. Soon after, he became importer for the biggest names in Italy. His start was quick and innovative for the times, where his business was put on a temporary hold until the laws had been written. Thanks to Antonio Caudullo, the whole Italian market of natural medicines and products was liberated and commerce could be freely conducted for the whole territory and by other companies. Having moved on to different ventures, his children follow his legacy in the natural products market, working with one of the strongest and most stable companies in the world.
With the heart of a great philosopher and philanthropist, he pursues travels. Appreciating beauty in all that surrounds him, just as his love for fine cars and locations, drives him on a continuous search to better his knowledge for life. This aptitude has given him the mindset to begin writing his new novel, soon in completion.
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